Adult Club Championships

The Annual Open Club Championships are contested in five categories and are open to all ages. The categories are Men’s Singles, Ladies Singles, Men’s Doubles, Ladies Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

The matches are a great way to get some competitive tennis played, as well a chance to get to know people at the club that you may not have met before. No matter whether you’re an advanced player or new to match play, we’d love you to enter and get involved.

The Format​

The matches will be played as a Knockout with Consolation Draws, or in Round Robin format if there are only three players/teams in a category.

This means that you will play in a minimum of at least two matches, but hopefully more depending on how many entries are received.

The Rules

The matches will be played as a ‘Best of 2 Tiebreak Sets with Match Tie Break Decider’ format.

So that’s best of two normal sets with the first to 6 games and a tiebreak to 7 points (with 2 clear) if it’s 6 all for each of the first two sets. if its one set all you will play a match tie break set to 10 points with 2 points clear to decide the winner.

Arranging the Matches

You will receive a play by date and your fixture needs to be played by that date. This date can be re-arranged between the two players/teams to suit, however it must not be played later than the ‘play by date’.

Any player or team who can not play before the ‘play by date’ must concede the match to their opponents. If neither player/team was able to play by the given date, the winner will be decided by a coin toss.

The reason that matches need to be played promptly, is to keep the competition moving, so that it doesn’t effect getting the later rounds played in time.

Entry Fee & Deadline

Entries for the Club Championships are just £5 per person for each category that you enter. Entries close at midnight on 31st May 2023 and you can enter via the button below.

We will be playing the first round of matches in June and the following rounds will be spaced out evenly through the Summer. Depending on the number of entries, there will normally be 3 of 4 weeks between rounds.

All Finals will be played on the second Saturday of September. If bad weather means matches can’t be completed on Saturday 9th Sept, they will roll over to the reserve day, which is Sunday 10th Sept.

Please put these dates in your diary. The finals dates won’t be changed unless rain stops play, so please only enter if you can commit to playing on those days.



2023 Draws & Results

Men's Singles Ladies Singles


Men's Doubles Ladies Doubles Mixed Doubles


Men's Singles Final 2022

 Ladies Singles Final 2022

Men's Doubles Final 2021

 Ladies Doubles Final 2022

Mixed Doubles Final 2022


Previous Club Championship Winners


Year Men's Singles Ladies Singles Men's Doubles Ladies Doubles Mixed Doubles - En Tout Cas
2022 Mark Jarratt Ros Pioli J Wheatley & M Cassar C Budden & S Baker J Wheatley & J Dean
2021 James Wheatley Ros Pioli J Wheatley & M Cassar C Schofield & J Dean J Wheatley & J Dean
2020 James Wheatley Jess Dean J Wheatley & M Cassar J Eamer & J Anderson A Dickenson & J Anderson
1999-2019 No Events No Events No Events No Events No Events
1998 - - S Graham & J Humpston B Poyser & J Ackling J Humpston & A Harvey
1997 - - T Williamson & A Hewitt P Graham & B Ward T Williamson & B Ward
1996 - - R Quarterley & D Bennett B Poyser & V Crowther T Williamson & S Baker
1995 - - C Howe & A Hewitt B Poyser & V Crowther A Hewitt & V Crowther
1994 - - C Howe & N Howe V Crowther & P Graham H Godfrey & V Crowther
1993 - - D Bennett & M Blackburn G Meeham & B Ward R Quarterley & B Ward
1992 M Blackburn - J Crowther & R Quarterley V Crowther & G Meeham T Williamson & B Poyser
1991 - - J Crowther & R Quarterley P Graham & B Ward R Crowther & B Ward
1990 M Blackburn - D Bennett & M Blackburn J Bennett & B Poyser -
1989 D Bennett V Crowther D Bennett & M Blackburn J Bennett & B Poyser B Poyser & C Howe
1988 M Blackburn A Page J Crowther & R Quarterley A Page & V Crowther B Poyser & P Graham
1987 M Blackburn A Page D Bennett & T Williamson J Brown & B Poyser D Bennett & J Brown
1986 M Blackburn B Ward D Bennett & H Godfrey V Crowther & J Wilson R Graham & J Wilson
1985 D Bennett B Ward D Bennett & H Godfrey P Springthorpe & P Graham P Wilkinson & P Graham
1984 C Howe B Ward S Collyer & J Humpston P Wilkerson & P Springthorpe B Ward & D Bennett
1983 C Howe B Ward T Hawke & M Bosworth P Wilkerson & P Springthorpe G Graham & J Humpson
1982 C Howe B Ward B Collyer & J Humpston B Ward & B Brooke P Springthorpe & C Howe
1981 J Humpston B Ward B Collyer & J Humpston B Ward & B Brooke J Johnson & B Collyer
1980 J Humpston B Ward B Collyer & J Humpston B Ward & B Brooke B Ward & J Humpston
1979 J Humpston B Ward M Leatt & C Barker B Ward & B Brooke B Warrd & B Collyer
1978 M Leatt B Ward T Leatt & G Radford B Ward & B Brooke B Ward & T Leatt
1977 C Barker L Ash C Barker & R Gardner P Daniels & B Ward B Ward & M Leatt
1976 - - - - -
1975 T Leatt C Bradley R Gardner & T Leatt C Bradley & B Smith  
1974 T Leatt C Bradley T Leatt & M Leatt B Brooke & B Ward  
1973 K Oxley B Brooke K Oxley & A Smith C Bradley & B Smith  
1972 K Oxley B Ward - C Loomes & C Smith  
1971 - - - -  
1970 A Durban C Loomes K Oxley & R Wilkinson -  
1969 J Abbott - K Oxley & J Ashmar B Ward & B Brooke  
1968 J Ashman L Humber T Leatt & J Abbott L Humber & L Humber  
1967 J Ashman - T Leatt & J Abbott -  
1966 J Ashman L Humber J Ashman & R Shelton L Humber & L Humber  
1965 J Ashman J Eastwood A Durban & A Eastwood C Loomes & J Eastwood  
1964 J Ashman L Humber J Ashman & R Shelton L Humber & L Humber  
1963 T Leatt - J Ashman & R Shelton    
1962 T Leatt - J Moss & A Eastwood    
1961 - - -    
1960 - - -    
1959 S Baker P Jerram S Baker & M Baker    
1958 S Baker M Taylor S Baker & M Baker    
1957 J Brown B Brooke F Jerram & J Browne    
1956 J Brown B Brooke J Moss & C Martin    
1955 C Martin J Burrows      
1954 P Hamnelt B Brooke      
1953 D H Smith D Howard      
1952 D Wall P Jerram      
1951 - -      
1950 D Wall -      
1949 D Wall S Goodall      
1948 - -      
1947 R T Edwards C Travers      
1946 A Garrat J Hill      
1945 - -      
1944 - -      
1943 - -      
1942 - -      
1941 - -      
1940 - J Meuer      
1939 R T Edwards K M Edwards      
1938 J S Champman E Spencer      
1937 W Johnson I M Frankland      
1936 - J M Milner      
1935 S J Meuer I Meakin      
1934 J S Chapman E Spencer      


Recent Years Results

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