Coaching & Classes

Group Coaching Sessions

There is a wide range of group coaching sessions delivered by our coaches every week. Whether you're just starting out or looking to become a future professional, there's a session for you below. The coaching team are qualified, licensed and LTA DBS checked.

The coaching program is led by James Middleton, a Level 4 coach and the most qualified in the club. He has extensive experience working with high performance players and enjoys coaching players of all ages and skill levels.

James is supported by Gary Edwards and Matt Gregory, who are Level 3 coaches, as well as McKenzie Farmer, Matt Cassar, Jack Frost, Ros Pioli, Jessica Dean and Molly Geary, who are all Level 1 assistant coaches. You can book group coaching further down on this page.

One to One Sessions

All coaches are available for individual coaching or practice hits. These sessions are the best way to quickly track improvement in your tennis game. The prices are below:

Level 4 LTA Senior Coach - Members £35 or Non-Members £40 per hour

Level 3 LTA Tennis Coach - Members £25 or Non-Members £30 per hour

Level 2 LTA Tennis Instructor (paid practice hit) - Members £20 or Non-Members £25 per hour

Level 1 LTA Coaching Assistant (paid practice hit) - Members £15 or Non-Members £20 per hour

For more information or to book an individual coaching session please use the 'Contact Us' page.

Group Practice Sessions

As part of our membership offer, free practice sessions are available for adults and juniors during the summer months. Please note that there will likely not be a coach present during these practice sessions. They are a great way to work on your game with other members to improve the skills shown to you during your coaching sessions. You can book one of these member-led practice sessions below.